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The future of personal technology

The future of personal technology

by KieranJuly 5, 2015

While sitting around at home, surrounded by a laptop, desktop, television, tablet, smart phone and smart watch, I started to consider the future of personal technology.

Are all of the gadgets that we seem unable to live without necessary? Is there going to become a point where everything is converged into a single device? Well, undoubtedly so, but what could happen in the next five years?

Over this time, I believe that we will see a shift towards two key devices. We will all still have our smart phones and will still have our televisions, but that’ll be it.

We’re already moving towards smart phones with more RAM and CPU power than is available in many laptops and desktop PCs, so it’s only logical that those devices will be phased out to make room for a single, portable device which can be docked at our desk so that we can use a full size monitor.

This will mean you’ll never need to mutter these words again ‘damn, I left that file on my Laptop and have no access to it on my iPAD’ as all your files will be stored on a single device (and of course have automated cloud backup).

Longer term I believe that these devices could replace our traditional television sets and become the control hub of the automated homes of the future. To do this, the smart phones will need to become multi-channel, meaning that you’ll need to be able to run a TV show in room A, a separate TV show in room B and you should be able to dock your device and do some work in room C. Your phone could even be used to run Playstation and XBOX games through your LCD screen – meaning, there would be no need for lots of separate devices.

So, this could replace the sky boxes and other complex items that connect to our current televisions. The TV sets themselves, are likely to become flexi-LCD screens. These could be controlled via our smart phones. The TV shows will be streamed to those LCD screens via your smart phone rather than your clunky Sky box.

This will mean that you’ll be able to de-clutter your home. I mean, how many wires to you have behind your TV cabinet at the minute? I’d bet quite a few. If you could remove the need for your Sky box, your internet hub (as 5G should be fast enough), your telephone line, your desktop PC and all the rest of your gadgets, you’d see a home that is less cluttered with technology.

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