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Tech should work harder to stop images of children online

Tech should work harder to stop images of children online

by KieranOctober 8, 2015

Cases involving individuals holding inappropriate images of minors have been becoming much more common – or at least, they’ve been more widely publicised and it’s been a horrendous revelation to know how many people there are taking advantage of young people online and it prompted questions in my mind about how we can stop it.

These websites are all part of ‘the dark web’ which refers to all the dodgy corners of the web that aren’t being watched by the authorities – they’re so highly encrypted it makes keeping tabs on them nearly impossible – which makes it the perfect place for users to buy and sell illegal substances, discuss hacking & share inappropriate images of children.

So, why don’t we just see who is visiting these highly encrypted websites & monitor their web usage? well – we can’t, you see, there is a concept called the ‘onion router’ which makes it possible for people to browse the web without giving up their identity and without being caught out.

Further to this, we can’t just monitor bank accounts & credit card charges either, because, typically individuals within these networks trade Bitcoins to maintain a certain level of anonymity that can’t be tracked.

So, at present, I don’t think there are any real tools at the disposal of the authorities to catch these people out and to identify the sites that should be closed down – however, I do think that this opens a great opportunity for the IT security companies of the world to develop a concept or tool that will be able to track individuals using these sites to help bring swift punishment to the individuals partaking in illegal activities online.

I also think that this will bring about an opportunity for talented hackers to improve their own skills by breaking into the dark web & leaking all the details to the authorities – I mean, North Korea hacked Sony, who’s security has to be pretty tight, I am sure that one of the brightest sparks in the hacking world will be able to take down at least parts of the dark web.

There is one other thing…..

As far as I am concerned, whether you’re in incognito mode or not, Google knows what you search for, if you’re using Google Chrome, there will be a log somewhere of the websites that you use – while there will be a lot of information to Analyse, we could automate some scripts to make this a much faster process.

Additionally, when we all move to ‘the cloud’ (which is inevitable) – all of our images, videos, documents etc.. will be stored online. Again, Google Drive would be in a perfect position to scan all the files & identify those that look to be dodgy.

Maybe a breach of our right to privacy…. but in some cases, it’s necessary.

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