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Should we trust the smaller cloud providers?

Should we trust the smaller cloud providers?

by KieranApril 7, 2015

AWS, Azure, Google Compute, HP Cloud – they’re all names that are synonymous with trust, stability and reliability. So, is that to say that companies like Linode, Digital Ocean and Rackspace shouldn’t be trusted? I mean, they certainly aren’t as well known.

Well, I thought I’d do some research and find out what’s what with Linode and Digital Ocean. I must say, I was very pleasantly surprised.


If you’ve used AWS, Azure or Google Compute, you’ll know that deciphering their pricing requires a degree-level education in rocket science. It’s a little bit of a mess and it’s far more complicated than it needs to be.

Firstly, I looked at Linode, which was so straightforward and simple in terms of pricing. I’ll be the first to admit that their slogan ‘no calculator required’ might be taking it a little bit too far if you have a complex environment with not all instances running 24*7, but as you can see below, much more straightforward than AWS!

netshock on linode

I thought that was excellent, better than I would find anywhere else, but, I was wrong. Digital Ocean was even more straightforward than Linode and to be honest, it was probably easier to learn for a novice, as they offer one-click-deployment of apps such as WordPress and Drupal to help get you on your way.

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