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Learn to be a server admin

Learn to be a server admin

by KieranOctober 10, 2015

Server administration is a hard task. It’s not just about optimizing performance – it’s also about controlling costs, by efficiently utilizing resources to ensure you’re not using more than you need, while also maintaining high security standards to protect your valuable data.

Ubuntu server is one of the most used web servers in the world, far outstripping Windows Server. The market share would be even greater, but many individuals stick with Windows server because the familiar environment makes them feel safe, warm and fuzzy inside.

Some see the lack of the familiar environment as a flaw – and yes, it is – Windows server management is much more straightforward than it is for Ubuntu servers. I mean, with your familiar user interface, you’ll probably be able to guess where to find most functions, whereas, with a command line interface for Ubuntu, this is not so easy.

If you are looking to move away from Windows, you’re probably doing so to reduce your costs, increase security or improve system stability. Our EBook, featured below, will help guide you through some of the core Ubuntu features.

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