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Is simulating the real world the future?

Is simulating the real world the future?

by KieranAugust 10, 2015

I’ve recently bought a new video game called Project Cars which is a racing simulator. My new steering wheel and pedals help to make the game as realistic as possible, and that got me thinking. Should we have to pass a simulated exam before we are allowed to drive on the road? What about a doctor diagnosing patients? or a mechanic troubleshooting faults with a car? They’re all very complex activities which can result in fatalities in some unfortunate circumstances – so surely, we should have to practice in a sand boxed environment, away from the real scenario, before being let loose.

Now, I realise that doctors have ‘fake’ patients and that mechanics mess around on test cars during their training, but, with simulated technology, we could start the learning process a lot earlier, without incurring endless costs to do so. That would mean that students could start learning about different symptoms and what might cause them while they’re in school – meaning that when they get to university, they should already have a solid grounding in the workings of the human body.

There is a constant, global need for better healthcare. This could quite easily be brought about by introducing simulated environments, through which the students could start learning at a much younger age.

This could also be applied to driving a car. It seems ludicrous that, at 17, you’re just allowed to jump in a car with an adult and start driving. Learning to drive a car is easy but learning the rules of the road takes time and practice. That practice could and should be carried out through a simulation. This reduces the risks of learner drivers significantly and would be a great application for this technology.

We have so many advancements in technology at our disposal, let’s start using them.

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