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April 23, 2017

Apache Vs Nginx Performance

If you’re ever looking to improve the performance of your PHP websites, the likelihood is that someone has recommended the move from Apache to Nginx web server. As part of my own website optimisation, I wanted to understand whether the performance improvements were genuine, or just marketing patter.

So, I launched two web servers, one a LEMP stack (Nginx) and one a LAMP stack (Apache). Both websites were configured with the same caching, compression etc.. as one another and both sites were identical. The first step was to run some simple load speed tests to understand load times of each – the tool I use provided a median of the tests run.

As you can [...]

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April 19, 2017

Achieving a 100/100 Google Page Speed Score

Google Page Speed Insights is a relatively new tool by Google. It checks the speed of your site, delivered on both mobile & desktop devices. Clearly, Google uses this information to help them rank websites – those that perform poorly on mobile speed tests will be given a lower priority to mobile users in search results. It’s all part of their vision to organize the web & make everything super accessible to everyone.

Before we start looking at the Google Page Speed Score, I want to show you the results of all the tinkering, tweaking and fettling I had to do in order to achieve a perfect Google Page Speed Insights score. As you can see below, Pingdom Speed [...]

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October 4, 2016

The ultimate on-page SEO guide

You may be free to run your website as you please but Google holds the key to your success…

While we all probably think that it should be the case that a solid product or service offering would be enough to boost your website to the top of Google; it’s really not that simple.

You see, Google’s bots don’t follow a human thought process and will never look at your product in the emotional way that humans do. They rely purely on logic based around your website composition and determine the subject matter of your website through content analysis.

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November 1, 2015

SEO: Domain Name Considerations

Domain names used to form a big part of an SEO strategy. You see, in the past, a domain name that contained your keyword would be favoured over those that didn’t. For example, if your domain name was, you’d fare much better than someone trying to rank for the same keyword with a domain like This is not such a concern anymore as Google has got wise to this SEO loophole.

Now, we’re looking at brands being hot for domain names. In its endless search for quality web content, Google takes a positive view on brand names and less of a positive view on generic names (such as [...]

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