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July 26, 2017

Build your own job site with WordPress

Recruitment is big business, it always has been and it’s becoming an increasingly desirable industry in which to work. Why? because the adoption of social media, job sites, Linkedin and all the other glorious recruitment channels means that overheads (costs) are dropping & scale is increasing as recruiters are able to tap into more markets across more geographies than ever before.

So, we are already seeing a shift in the recruitment business model to being an almost faceless business – one which in the future, could probably be fairly easily automated through the adoption of some clever artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence of that caliber [...]

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April 19, 2017

Achieving a 100/100 Google Page Speed Score

Google Page Speed Insights is a relatively new tool by Google. It checks the speed of your site, delivered on both mobile & desktop devices. Clearly, Google uses this information to help them rank websites – those that perform poorly on mobile speed tests will be given a lower priority to mobile users in search results. It’s all part of their vision to organize the web & make everything super accessible to everyone.

Before we start looking at the Google Page Speed Score, I want to show you the results of all the tinkering, tweaking and fettling I had to do in order to achieve a perfect Google Page Speed Insights score. As you can see below, Pingdom Speed [...]

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April 13, 2017

500 Internal Server Error – WordPress Fix

We’ve all had that ‘holy sh*t’ moment, where you’ve been happily updating your WordPress website, perhaps updating a few plugins and doing a bit of housekeeping. If you’re like me, you’ll spend hours tinkering with lots of little areas of the site before committing your changes and backing up the newly updated website. In truly typical fashion, any catastrophic errors you’re going to face are going to happen just before you go to backup your server.

Today was no exception. I’d noticed a slow increase in server resource usage and wanted to combat that by making the website that little bit lighter and doing a bit more caching. Just [...]

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October 31, 2015

A few steps to Google approved page speed

As a website owner, speed is everything to me. I look for ways to improve the performance of my website even when it’s performing well. It’s this constant pursuit for perfection that drives me to come back to Netshock on a daily basis to write articles and to learn more about technology, marketing, business and also to learn things about myself.

It seems that Google has started to recognise the passion that a dedicated website owner has and has started to use website speed as a ranking factor (it’s probably something to do with user experience too, but I like to think it proves how dedicated and interested the webmaster is in their project).

So then, [...]

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