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Baby steps towards converged personal tech

Baby steps towards converged personal tech

by KieranMarch 9, 2015

The mobile revolution has been great, it took the clunky old laptop and made it, to all intents and purposes, redundant. We have all invested so heavily in our own mobile technology (smartphones and tablets) that we no longer fire up the laptop to check our emails or surf the web, we now settle for using our phone or tablet to achieve the same result.

With the development of smartphones with 16GB of RAM and 4K displays, it was never going to be very long before we could bin our desktop PC’s, tablets, and laptops. Ubuntu have really been the ones to take this concept and make it ‘real’. With the Ubuntu mobile devices, you can experience a full desktop computer by docking your mobile phone.

So, what does this do? and why is it important? 

You may remember from one of my previous posts that I was becoming increasingly aware that mobile devices were both helping and hindering us in life. I’d seen people carrying 4 devices around (laptop, tablet, personal phone & company phone) and just couldn’t see the benefit. I mean, for the majority of users, each machine would have its own file store and everything would be out of sync – you’d never be using the right device to gain access to the files you need.

By converging all of our tech, we become much more productive. All of our files, settings, applications and contacts will be available from a single device. That device just needs to be compatible with various monitors and displays and you’ll get your full desktop environment when you’re at work and a light weight environment while you’re out and about.

This presents so many opportunities for mobile device manufacturers, but is probably bad news for traditional desktop, laptop and tablet manufacturers. As we shift to ever more lightweight technology, it’s only a matter of time before we become fully mobile.

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