Big data analytics are driving businesses forward in new ways.

Business Strategy

Business strategy needs to adapt to the ever changing technical landscape


Apache Hive / SQL 100%
Python 100%
Tableau 100%
Data Wrangling 100%
Batch ETL 100%
Business Analysis (Certified) 100%
Data Modelling 100%
Scrum Master (Certified) 100%
AWS Architect (Certified) 100%
Test Driven Development 100%
Apache PySpark 88%
Machine Learning 50%
Streaming ETL 47%
NoSQL 37%

Light blue signifies that the skill development is in-progress

What's on ?


Apache Spark is a framework for big data analytics. It enables us to leverage the power of parallelization .


A tonne of code snippets showing how to utilise Python for big data analytics.

Machine Learning

Take a look at some code samples for some of the most common types of machine learning.

Data Governance

Learn how to keep a handle on your big data environment with our Data Governance ebook.

AWS Cloud

Learn the fundamentals of AWS solutions architecture with our AWS Zero to Hero ebook.

Big Data Architecture

Learn all about the ingestion, storage, analytics, management and security components in Big Data.

Business Strategy

Learn about gaining and maintaining competitive advantage in the ever changing market of today.

Six Sigma

Learn all about Six Sigma and the DMAIC model. We cover some of the most used concepts.